Simple tips in writing poetry for beginners

CaptureSome people say that writing a poem is quite tricky and time consuming than just writing a regular content. Well actually, it’s partially true because poetry is different with writing a story or an essay.
If you are just a newbie in this form of art, you may possibly have to adhere to this simple tip on how to properly do it. In time, you will get used to it.

Simple tips in writing poetry for beginners:

Identify what you wish to write about. The engaging point about poetry is that you can compose about anything at all. Other than that you can also compose something about what you truly feel in a day. The feeling of being in love, sorrow, excitement, or any emotions can be your source of inspiration to compose a poem.

In most cases, a lot of newbies think that you need to rhyme always when creating poems. However, composing poems doesn’t mean that you need to do that always. In fact, quite a few of the best poetry ever composed doesn’t rhyme at all. So you don’t need to be pressured when creating a rhyming poem or not.

Construct titles that you consider would be a great point to discuss on the stanzas of your poetry. Have a list of the possible phrases that you can work with or the outlines that you have in your thoughts in order to generate your poetry attractive to read or hear.

You can read all the publications and stories about how to compose poems that you desire, but if you don’t attempt to start writing a poem, you will never know if this is something that you’re designed to do or not. There comes a time when you have to disregard the guidelines. You should know the guidelines just before you throw out them away, but they should not often be adopted.

Learn to play with words. You can be a good poet if you are artistic with your words or if you have a wide imaginations and you never limit your words and if you enjoy the words that comes out from your mouth.

After that, you can now begin composing a poem. You decide on whether to use the rhyming type of poetry or other varieties, you must be determined and empowered to write. Let your thoughts flow and just compose everything that shows up on your head. After that, read what you have composed all over again and try to make important changes. You can also read it out loud to a close friend or any member in the family and inquire about their very own viewpoints. You will be able to sharpen your talent in creating poetry if you pay attention to the suggestions of other people.

This is a simple guideline that you can adhere to particularly when you are just a beginner in creating poetry. In time you will be able to have your own personal writing style and you are already clever on your selection of words and phrases. Just keep on practicing and do not be scared to compose about anything.…

Theater Show Experience

theater showIf you’re looking for one of kind of entertainment, going into theater shows is something that you should consider. Even during the Ancient Greece, theater shows were already famous. Theater shows are often rich with arts. They’re extraordinary and it is truly worthy of all respect. People behind those curtains do their best to make the live show perfect. Every bit of their hand movements, dances, singing, and actions are showed to the audience with passion so it is truly considered magical in all aspects.

There are people who enjoy theater shows rather than watching movies at home or in a movie house. Actually there are reasons why people choose theater shows over movies. These are the reasons why theater shows are still loved by many people.

Lively feeling – Considering that theater show is a real-time performance in front of you, people enjoy every piece of performances behind those curtains. When attending theater shows, you will feel a different experience in the story being told in front of you in real-time and with real emotions.

Feeling involved in the Elite society – if you’re not aware, theater tickets are more expensive than movie tickets. In fact, people who attend theater shows are those that are from elite society. So when you are given a chance to visit and watch a theater show for free, then it’s not a good time to hesitate.

Some people are often confused as to who attends the theater shows. Sometimes, it is often misunderstood by people that theater shows are only for those who are well-educated, elderly and elite individuals. Actually, most people you can find in theater houses are those groups of people because normally, the young adults of these days are more fond of watching movies at home or in cinemas than attending theater shows.

A visit to a theater shows is a one of a kind experience that you can share to your little ones. If you have time, have your kids and teens get a chance to visit even a single theater show so that they will also experience the magic behind it, you’ll never know, they will probably enjoy the experience and would love to visit again.…

A great escape

escapeMy love for literature has been so extraordinary. I grew up with it and I live with it.
I treasure this life, because it was filled with excitement, a beautiful journey to consider.
This life I live has filled me with so much words, words that makes me alive and kicking.
There are so many things that captivates me and my inner senses and I am so amazed by it.
Literature, arts… these things makes this world rich and I always see value in it.
When I was a kid, my mind was filled with dreams. Dreams of what mature minds are dreaming.
I always dream of becoming a poet, an artist, an inspiration, a great individual that could speak words with richness.
My young age was so aware. So aware that this life I live is no joke my friend.
This world has given me so much things, both good and bad.
Good things are my favorites, while bad things makes me wise and strong.
There are times that I wanted to be alone but being alone doesn’t make me empty.
Sometimes, loneliness can give me happiness because surprising ideas are often visible when nobody’s around me.
My conscious mind is speaking to me. He wanted me to create another art. An art that is magical. Magical in everyone’s ear.
Then here comes my heart, she is speaking to me too. She’s telling me that she’s so in love, in love with my words.
One day, I focused on something but the little corner of my eyes is seeing something.
I see a beautiful creation, a creation that’s written in a piece of paper.
It instantly inspired me but my hand was so occupied that time.
I wanted to let go and embrace the new inspiration. I was troubled but it didn’t stop me there.
Then I gave way to a new inspiration, and from there, another beautiful art was created.
It made my mind at peace but my heart was jumping, jumping in so much joy knowing that I have accomplished a magical creation.
Anything can be special, as long as you see something special in it.
Don’t ignore beauty, don’t ignore an individuals uniqueness because it makes the world wonderful and exciting.
This world can sometimes be cruel, cruel yet exciting.
It makes us strong and wise, gives us knowledge and wisdom to make things possible.
If the world gives you too much of the ugly things that you could not endure anymore, you can always find a place where you can be at peace and joy.
Don’t let your feeling burst and always let your heart feel the comfort from a peaceful horizon.
Give yourself a good break and release all your pointless emotions.
Beautiful things are everywhere and it just needs you attention. If you need inner peace, seek and you’ll find it.…

Too beautiful to be forgotten

sunrise-with-flying-birdsMornings are always filled with beauty
Sun is calling me to be ready
For the beautiful things that’s coming my way today.

Flowers everywhere
They’re like children greeting me with joy
“How are you Mister? Why are you in such joy?”

I gave them warm smile
A symbol that explains all
All reasons why I have this kind of joy!

I counted the butterflies
one, two, three
Three beautiful butterflies
They’re flying and flying
Chasing each other in the music of the wind

While walking in the field, the mountains are shouting to me loudly
“Oh Mister! We’re glad that you are here!”
Mountains are like big friends
They give me big joys and delightfulness whenever I am the midst of uneasiness

I wanted to run and run.
Run fast in the wide green field
And feel the freshness that the world has showered me

I see mystery in every stone I see
Why oh why they look so gloomy?
While others look so happy
Then I realized, they’re not gloomy but rather silent and emotionless
Cos they’re strong and they stand for dignity

The wind is whistling while the trees are dancing
Together they make a beautiful harmony
Harmony that sounds like a lullaby song to me

Then I closed my eyes, sharpened my hearing
Because I wanted to hear and feel the nature’s beautiful melody,
The melody of everything good that is so magical to me

The joy I feel now can’t be fathomed by anything
Because the whole universe is conspiring
To make everything perfectly magical

The sky is so blue but it didn’t make me blue
The birds are chirping and they’re calling me to sing with them too

When time comes when everything to me will be gone,
How will I see your beauty flourish from sunrise to sunset?
You’re too beautiful to be forgotten and too perfect to be neglected.

I wanted to keep you,
Keep you deeply within my heart
So every time fate threatens me
I will still have memories of you kept within me.…

My Love For Words & Poetry

Writing TherapyReality is guaranteed, so am I a thief for writing down what my conscious is telling me?
This is how its meant to be, call it rewritten destiny. Poetry from the heart like a mental therapy

Hate is the father of jealousy and I want to spread love through words like it’s an inner chemistry.
I picture what I write, and I write my own image when I feel it.

A lot of people cherish the sun as soon as the rain drops.
I cherish what I got till the blood in my veins stops.

From a boy full of pleasure to a man with a mission.
Using words as ammunition to explore the talent that I was given.

Life is full of receiving and losing.
My decisions are meant to be because you were led to me.

Waking up doesn’t feel the same with you in my mind.
It was like I never slept, you see?

I Stand by this loss and remain stand-by.
I’m repeating myself again and saying I have time.

But what is time really?

The seconds are passing by and you’re feeling right dearly.  You’re the lost soul I like clearly, I want to catch your tears when you cry.
But I guess your past affected the desire for me.

- Sukhjit Rashad